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Pilot vehicle system laboratory

Full Name:

Pilot vehicle system laboratory (PVL).

Date of official organization PVL: 1992.

Location: Moscow, Russia.


The Laboratory has a number of modern moving based and fixed-based simulators with computer generated visual systems (projective, collimanse and stereoscopic types) now.


The main customers of research:

in Russia: TSAGI, Flight Research institute, “Molnia”, “Sukhoi”, GosNIIAS, DOD, Ministry of education and since, Academy of science,

foreign organizations: US AF, aerospcale, ONERA, aerospace systems Co (Poland), FAI (China)


Main directions of research:

  • Development of technique for experiments investigation of pilot response characteristics and fulfillment of ground based simulation.
  • Development of mathematical models of pilot control response characteristics.
  • Study of regularities of pilot behavior in piloting process.
  • Application of technique for pilot-vehicle system approach to different manual control tasks.
  • Development of facilities (simulators, workstations) for fulfillment of experiments.