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Название: Means for Flying Qualities Improvement in Piloting Tasks Required Extremely High Accuracy.
Авторы: А.В. Ефремов, А.В. Кошеленко, М.С. Тяглик. 
Место публикации: AIAA Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Conference; Chicago, Illinois.
Язык: Английский.
Тип: доклад конференции.
Дата публикации:  10.09.2009.
Краткое описание:
There are considered the results of ground based simulation of spot landing tasks
required high accuracy: extremely short and carrier landing tasks. The problems of manual
control (reversal performance situation, high pilot workload, possibility to loose the visual
contact with touchdown point) are discussed. The head up display displaying additional
information (projection of velocity on ground or sea surface and glide slope), direct lift
control, auto throttle, regulation of outside TV camera zoom, and their integration were
investigated to define the best way to solve the problem.