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Integration of predictive display and aircraft flight control system

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Название: Integration of predictive display and aircraft flight control system
Авторы: A.V. Efremov, M.S. Tjaglik, I.H. Irgaleev, V.G. Tsipenko
Место публикации: MATEC Web of Conferences.
Язык: Английский.
Тип: статья для конференции.
Дата публикации: 15.12.2016.
Краткое описание:
The synthesis of predictive display information and direct lift control system are considered for the path control tracking tasks (in particular landing task). The both solutions are based on pilot-vehicle system analysis and requirements to provide the highest accuracy and lowest pilot workload. The investigation was carried out for cases with and without time delay in aircraft dynamics. The efficiency of the both ways for the flying qualities improvement and their integration is tested by ground based simulation.


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