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The history

dekan1The research in pilot aircraft system area were begun in flight control and dynamics department of Moscow aviation institute since 1977 by the group of scientists, engineers and technicians (A.V. Efremov, A.V. Ogloblin, A.V. Koshelenko, V.V. Aleksandrov, V.I. Liskova, A.A. Rekstin, N.N. Jarotsky). With goal of development of the ground based simulation the official of MAI found the space for location of aircraft simulator TL-39 which was transformed later in ground based simulator used for research. The other simulator was installed in lab in 1992 when a separate laboratory (“Pilot vehicle system laboratory”) of aeronautical school was organized officially.

The Laboratory has a number of modern moving based and fixed-based simulators with computer generated visual systems (projective, collimanse and stereoscopic types) now. These systems have a set of scenarios what allows to investigate manual control problems in a process of fulfillment of different flight missions. All simulators have force feel systems and systems for aircraft dynamics simulation which allowed to change the corresponding aircraft characteristics very quickly. Each simulator has the software data reduction system developed at MAI. This system allowed to estimate different pilot control response characteristics and pilot-aircraft characteristics too. The different pilot behavior models were developed in the pilot-vehicle laboratory. These models are based on different approaches (structural, optimal, neural network) and are characterized by high level of agreement between results of mathematical modeling and experimental investigations.


The pilot-vehicle system laboratory has the considerable experience in applied and fundamental investigations in development of man-machine system area.

In different years the investigations fulfilled in the lab were carried out on contracts which Russian (TSAGI, Flight Research institute, “Molnia”, “Sukhoi”, GosNIIAS, DOD, Ministry of education and since, Academy of science) and foreign organizations (US AF, aerospatiale, ONERA, aerospace systems Co (Poland), FAI (China)).