Adaptive neural network motion control for aircraft under uncertainty conditions

Название: Adaptive neural network motion control for aircraft under uncertainty conditions.

Авторы: Ефремов А.В., Тяглик М.С., Тюменцев Ю.В.

Место публикации: 2017 Workshop on Materials and Engineering in Aeronautics, MEA 2017.

Язык: Английский.

Тип: Conference Proceeding.

Дата публикации:  01.03.2018

Краткое описание:

We need to provide motion control of modern and advanced aircraft under diverse uncertainty conditions. This problem can be solved by using adaptive control laws. We carry out an analysis of the capabilities of these laws for such adaptive systems as MRAC (Model Reference Adaptive Control) and MPC (Model Predictive Control). In the case of a nonlinear control object, the most efficient solution to the adaptive control problem is the use of neural network technologies. These technologies are suitable for the development of both a control object model and a control law for the object. The approximate nature of the ANN model was taken into account by introducing additional compensating feedback into the control system. The capabilities of adaptive control laws under uncertainty in the source data are considered. We also conduct simulations to assess the contribution of adaptivity to the behavior of the system.